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    Iris Law Gives Frosted Eye Shadow A New-Gen Flourish


    Leave it to Iris Law to absolutely nail this season’s hottest trend: Y2K-inspired frosted eyeshadow. The model and Dior beauty ambassador debuted the look last night at Kensington Palace while attending the Bulgari Gala. Referencing Noughties hedonism with a pearlescent sea-foam hue worn up to the brow, Law gave the look a modern twist with a sultry feline flick. 

    This she teamed with a ’90s style high-shine lip gloss and Y2K-inspired body glitter – a look we saw just recently on the Blumarine spring/summer 22 catwalk, care of make-up artist Inge Grognard. She perfected the look with a Noughties headscarf, a pretty pale blue dress, opera gloves and, of course, Bulgari diamonds.

    This isn’t the first time Law has been bold with her beauty. Since shaving her head earlier this year, Law has kept the focus on her eyes, accentuating them with everything from Yves Klein blue to canary yellow. She’s even been experimenting with geometric black lines. Whatever will she think of next?


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