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    Here’s How Calvin Harris Became The Richest DJ In The World


    From working at a grocery store in the UK to becoming the richest DJ in the world, Calvin Harris has come a long way.

    Scottish DJ Adam Richard Wiles, popularly known as Calvin Harris, worked at a small store. A decade later, the DJ is on top of the world. Calvin was in the right spot when the electronic music industry finally took off everywhere. The craze and popularity of the genre began in Europe before coming to America. Harris has become the face of the revolution, and the sudden rise has gained him a whopping net worth of $300 million over the years. With legends such as Steve Aoki, Skrillex, and David Guetta, Harris has still ranked on top of the list as one of the pioneers to take the industry to new heights.

    What It’s Like To Be A Billionaire In Abu Dhabi From sold-out concerts and residencies in Las Vegas to multiple brand endorsements and music collaborations, there are a lot of factors that have made Harris the sensation he is today. Let’s take a look at how Calvin Harris became the richest DJ in the world.

    Concert Tours And Las Vegas Residencies

    The 37-year old Scottish DJ has had a long career in EDM music. With over eight sold-out concert tours under his belt, Calvin Harris has made over $100 million from making people bop to his music. His concert tour earnings are neck-to-neck with A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. Along with the concerts, Harris has also dominated the Las Vegas Residency circuit by collaborating with the Hakkasan Group since 2013, where the DJ gets paid a splendid $400,000 per gig. Harris is best known for his concerts in Omnia Night Club in Las Vegas.

    He was at the top spot on the Forbes list for the Highest-Paid DJs from 2013-2018 due to his stable residency, which he had later extended until 2020, as noted by Billboard. Surprisingly, Harris was not even on the Top 10 list for Forbes during 2012. However, his residency collaboration took him instantly to the number 1 spot.

    Blockbuster Music Collaborations

    Harris began his MySpace account in 2006, which caught people’s attention at Sony BMG and EMI Records. After signing a deal, he produced music for Kylie Minogue, Dizzee Rascal, and Cheryl. He also started releasing his music around the same time, which earned him moderate popularity in the UK.

    In 2010 his single Feels So Close ranked a Number 12 spot on Billboard, as noted by Cheat Sheet. This success led to collaborations with Rihanna, Alessia Cara, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, and Pharell Williams to create the biggest chart-topping singles ever. Calvin’s hit single One Kiss with Dua Lipa had 267 million streams worldwide and made 2.49 million sales on the UK Chart. One of his most successful collaborations came with Rihanna in 2011 when they teamed up to make We Found Love which also hit the Number 1 spot and made 1 million pure sales and reached Number 1 spot on Billboard in 25 countries.

    Brand Endorsements

    While his musical career has skyrocketed, Harris has also gone beyond his music to continue the cash inflow. He has garnered several brand endorsements over the years and became a handsome face of several ad campaigns. The DJ has participated in campaigns for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kia Motors, and the Sol Republic. These endorsements roughly earn him $3 to $4 million per campaign.

    In 2014, the Scottish DJ became the face of Emporio Armani for their Spring/Summer 2015 and their Watch line and Eyewear. The second campaign for the Fall/Winter 2015 saw Harris stripping down to his underwear, as noted by Independent, which had the DJ trending all over the social media platforms.

    YouTube Ad Revenue

    Harris has the most popular YouTube channel for an EDM artist with some of the biggest pop culture hits produced by him. The DJ earns millions through advertisement revenues for his songs that have gained more than millions of views. Harris has over 13 million views on his YouTube channel, as noted by K Worb. Some of the most viewed videos on his channel are: This Is What You Came For, Summer, How Deep Is Your Love, I Need Your Love, and Blame. The first three singles have crossed the 1.4 billion views mark.

    As one of the top-tier artists on YouTube, Harris makes $7.60 for every 1,000 views on his Vevo channel. While the production studio earns most of his earnings, Harris has estimated revenues of $50 million from his YouTube channel featuring the most dance-worthy songs and catchy beats.

    From a geeky DJ to making transformative music in the public eye, Calvin Harris has transitioned himself to one of the biggest musicians in the world. The DJ released his newest single, By Your Side, in June 2021, and fans are awaiting the announcement of his much-anticipated Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2.


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